The Future of Computer Gaming

ZX Spectrum 48k

ZX Spectrum 48k

Online gaming has been around since the conception of the internet back in the late 1990s. Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web to great acclaim but little did he realise just how much of an impact his invention would have on how we spend our leisure time.

Computer games were around with the invention of home computers from the late 70s and became a huge commercial industry by the mid 1980s with popular home computers such as the ZX Spectrum, Acorn, Commodore 64 and Atari ST. But the invention of the internet took the home computer to a new level, it gave rise to the powerful desktop pc which could connect to the internet and allow users to connect their home computers or video consoles to a master computer or server, and then play computer games online against each other.. Anywhere in the world.

This quickly became a whole new industry and it gave a shot in the arm to video games which had been developing alongside the once popular arcade game platforms.

Part of this gaming craze included shoot em ups, adventure games, sports games, soccer in the UK and American Football in the U.S.A., driving games, sci-fi games and puzzles. The advanced graphics also allowed games to mimic popular cartoons like the Simpsons and other TV shows.

Apart from the traditional computer games, another market emerged. People who love gambling and gaming discovered their needs were catered for with many slots online, allowing the user to connect to the internet via their home pc and place bets or play card games, quizzes and other casino type games which offer the opportunity to win prizes, it took gaming to a completely new level.

X Box console

X Box console

While many people still visit casinos and place bets in the more traditional ways, the ability to be able to play online has really taken off and is as equally popular an industry as traditional computer gaming.

The future of the gaming industry is an exciting one, we are still in the very early stages and the games which seem to be most frequent with new releases are being made for dedicated games consoles like the x- box, nintendo and playstation. But the more popular games still appear as reworked and adapted titles for the desktop industry.

To throw another spanner in the works, the arrival and immense popularity of tablet pcs, i-Phones and android phones means there is a completely new dynamic to gaming and it is set to become the most popular format to interact for leisure. The affordable availability of hand held devices has been around since computer games first took off in the 1970s, so in a way gaming is coming home to its roots, computers went supersized to cater for the new technology and memory capabilities, but as technology has advanced further you can now get all you need in a 6 inch long mobile phone, the future is looking bright for gaming and with more and more day to day applications such as banking and information becoming available at the touch of a button, the potential for gaming to see a new dawn is inevitable.

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A free online casino software provided by COW

Casino Online Software

Casino Online Software

When it comes to new types of software that can be used to allow you to do different things with casino games, there are really not that many options that are available. It can sometimes be hard to find software that is really easy to use and that will allow you to play the games you want to play without being bothered with everything else.

The software Casino Online (COW) created by has been getting rave reviews and as a matter of fact, it meets all of the needs for so many people that have been looking for this type of software but have not been able to find anything that would work for them. Furthermore, you can actually use it on WordPress. You know that it must be safe if you can get it past the WordPress firewalls and imbed it into your own website.

Very easy to use

It is really easy to use. Essentially, all that you have to do is go to the Casino Online Website and download the casino software. A quick search on any search engine will get you to the site in a matter of seconds and from that point, the only thing that you have to do is find the link to the software that is on the front page and then download it. It downloads automatically and it only takes a few minutes to do it even though the games that are available are fairly comprehensive.

Installing the software is very easy. It is in a zip file, allowing you to download a great deal of information in a short amount of time. All you have to do is unzip the file. Everything then automatically downloads and after just a few minutes, you are in business. In other words, it can be downloaded and installed as easy as any type of software and it won’t take you forever to do it.

Generally speaking, you need to have the same type of operating system that you in need for many other software applications. Almost everyone runs at least Windows XP as their operating system these days, and if you run that or higher, you should not have a problem using the software. By the same token, you really should be operating Internet Explorer 6 or higher for your browser. This will help you have the best experience. Unfortunately, if you operate a Mac, you will not be able to use the software because it is only supported for PC that this time. Having said that, the company is constantly developing new things so it very well may be on the horizon in the not too distant future.

Online Casino Games

When it comes to the games, you have a relatively large number of games to choose from that you can play whenever you feel like it. Right now, there are 12 different games that are available and they include things like slots, table games like roulette and card games like blackjack and poker. There are actually several different versions of some of the games that are available so you can tailor your particular choice to fit whatever game works well for you. Again, the company is constantly updating things so there is every chance that there may be more than 12 games available in the near future.

In closing, there is every reason that you can now download software to play casino games and then embed that software on your own personal WordPress website. This allows you to play the games any time you want to play them. In addition, this software is reliable and it typically downloads without any problems whatsoever. You can always email the support staff and ask questions if you do run into a problem, but there is really no reason to think that you would actually have any major issues. All in all, this is software that can be used by almost anyone without all the hassle that some software programs have associated with them. The best part of it all is that it doesn’t cost you anything to download the software and there are no advertisements on it so you are not constantly being interrupted by something else that is vying for your attention when you are trying to play a game.

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Grand Theft Auto V Online

Grand Theft Auto V is an adventure filled action themed video game published by Rockstar Games. September 2013 saw the release of the video game on Playstation3 and xbox 360, this coming November we await the much anticipated release of the playstaion 4 and xbox one versions of this game. Microsoft Windows players will be able to play Grand Theft Auto V by January 2015.

Upon the release of Grand Theft Auto v sales records were smashed, selling faster than any other game ever made. The first day of sales soared to an astronomical $800 million. Numerous gaming authorities titled this the game of the year.

Grand Theft Auto online is the online multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto V. This online version of the game allows players to either work by themselves or to cooperate with friends in order to complete their assignments.

The online world of GTA allows this game to regularly and consistently evolve and develop further, with new content being added regularly.

The most recent update for GTA Online was titled “The Last Team Standing”, it introduced new weapons, new vehicles a number of new jobs and many more features. Heists however weren’t included in this updated, players are still waiting for these. Rumour has it that these much anticipated heists might be released in November along with Playstation 4 and Xbox one versions of the game. Rumours are also circulating that there will be a casino heist in the next update but there has been no confirmation of this just yet.

There have been leaks that Rockstar Games might just release the heist or casino DLC for game in the upcoming update. Some leaks go as far as to say that the casino DLC will include casino mini games such as poker, blackjack, roulette as well as slots. If you don’t feel like hanging around to find out if the rumours are true you can wet your appetite a little by playing a range of online casino games at any of the following online casinos.

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Cimmerian Space, experience a 3D universe using just your web browser.



Cimmerian Space thrusts you in to the hot seat as you explore a 3D universe using just your web browser. Starting off piloting a small spaceship, you’ll get the opportunity to trade, dogfight and bounty hunt your way to success. Packed full of stunning 3D models and artwork as well as featuring photographic fashion shoots bringing the vivid characters to life, Cimmerian Space is going to be at the cutting edge of both technology and fashion.

The world of Cimmerian Space is set against the backdrop of a civil war as the desperate outer colonies fight for freedom from the Centrist government. Meanwhile the mysterious and ancient Cimmerian’s are spreading their dark influence over humanity and threatening to engulf the whole of known space. War, invasion, treachery, resistance, passion, and adventure await those who’ll risk all to explore this vivid new universe.

The game is currently under development by London based F3D Games and close to launching its Beta test.

The team are currently seeking crowd sourced funding through a Kickstarter Campaign:


Part of the unique look of Cimmerian Space is the photographic styling designed to set it apart from other typical web games. Game creator Nick Fallon is also a published fashion photographer in London. Nick’s sample images have established a contemporary and stylish design for the game and the first Kickstarter goal is to fund the next shoot for the Beta version of the game as well as additional missions.


Real time 3D space combat in your web browser! Using a WebGL game engine content is delivered fast direct to your browser.

The game engine includes a sophisticated particle effects deliver exciting explosions, and other game effects.

Fully Customizable ships, with hundreds of weapons, shields and engines for you to choose from. The game starts with 16 different hulls, each with unique armour, maneuverability and stealth factors.

Mission and Objective system – Our game will take you from planet to planet delivering a wide range of missions from military objectives to Firefly style free agent contracts. Discover the universe of Cimmerian Space via our mission based story lines.

Crew Page – choose your Captain, Engineers and Weapons officers to crew your ship. Each character provides an in game bonus, and premium characters unlock unique missions with accompanying unique loot.

Boids based AI for flocking wings of enemy fighters.

Freemium game model – either put in time or money to achieve your goals.

Social Game features to encourage player interactions. In future patches we aim to release team battle style missions for truly epic combats.

Press page and image gallery:

The Internet’s Best Website Games



If there’s one thing that has really taken gaming to the next level over the last decade or so, it’s the internet. Whether you’re talking online multiplayer games via a console or addictive website games, the internet has revolutionized gaming. When it comes to website games, there are a few legendary titles that web surfers throughout the country all know about. Here are the best online games – excluding console platforms.

The Helicopter Game

Whether you’re eight or eighteen, you most probably know the Helicopter Game. In fact, you most probably went through a brief – but nonetheless memorable – phase during which it was the only thing you did when sat in front of a computer.

Few 2D games are as legendary as the Helicopter Game – Snake and Tetris are some of only a few that immediately come to mind. Hosted by an overabundance of different websites, the Helicopter Game can be found all over the internet – not that you don’t know that already.


Some of the best games – online or offline – are those that actively improve your creativity and intelligence. Silversphere is designed to improve intelligence levels and creativity. However, in addition to being a brain training game, it is also incredibly addictive, and therefore justifiably, immensely popular.

The idea of the game is very simple: you have to make the silver ball reach holes. However, each level’s hole comes with a ton of different obstacles, while the capabilities of what your silver ball can do are very limited, ensuring each hole is surrounded by various challenges you will have to use your brain to overcome.

Golden Palace

Of course, there are some online games that are so addictive and fun to play, because of money. Gambling and poker websites are amongst the most visited gaming websites online. In fact, they are amongst the most visited websites online in general, with millions of online gamblers taking to the internet every day and night.

Golden Palace is arguably the best online gambling website, with Golden Palace Roulette being a particular favourite for many. With tips for beginners, an easy to use layout and tons of special offers, Golden Palace is a site that’s perfect for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

Planetside 2

Sci-fi shoot ‘em ups are usually best when played on consoles, due to console controllers being more compatible to such game-plays. However, Planetside 2 is a rare exception.

A multiplayer game in which you’ll be running around fighting for territory throughout a dystopian setting, Planetside 2 is similar to Halo, and arguably just as good.

How to Sell Your MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro fro gaming

Macbook Pro for gaming

If you were to buy a laptop, where would you look? You may go to one of the large supermarkets that sell computers; you might go to one of the high street computer stores. If you were to buy online you would probably go to one of the big name sites that can offer discounted rates, or maybe even to an online auction site. You would certainly want to buy from a reputable seller and be sure that you would be getting what you’d paid for.

You may find that the prices of the laptop you are searching for (particularly if you want something like a MacBook Pro) are all pretty similar regardless of where you buy from. You may get a better price from a private seller, but then you have to wonder a) why they are selling and b) whether the item you receive is all it should be – is it damaged? Stolen? Re-furbished?

So what about selling a laptop? How would you go about that? Given that so many private buyers would do just what you would do and buy from well-known, trusted sellers, you’ll realise that you would be very lucky to sell to a private individual (through an auction site, for instance).

There are businesses and online sites that offer cash for used laptops. Search sell my macbook pro and you’ll be sure to find some sites that will offer you a decent price, plus they will arrange postage. You can usually get an instant quote based on the condition, make and model of the laptop you want to sell.

An alternative is to try your luck on the auction sites. Beware, though, that fake bids are often entered by rival sellers to try to ensure that your potential genuine customers are outbid (and that those customers then look elsewhere for their new laptop).

If you opt for an online site that will buy used laptops (after searching for ‘sell macbook Pro’, above), then read the online reviews for that company’s customer service to ensure that you feel happy with the idea of selling to them. You’ll want to be sure that you’ll receive your money quickly and without hassle. You’ll also want the reassurance of knowing that any data that might still be on your computer will be wiped by the company before they sell it on.

Article by Simon Lucas

Sony PS Vita Console Review

Sony PS Vita

Sony PS Vita

Hand held gaming has been incredibly popular since the creation of pac-man style hand held games in the 1980s. Things have come a long way since the Tetris days of the Game Boy.

The latest product to create a media storm is Sony’s PS Vita and it promises to offer up a new dimension to hand held gaming.

The portable console is on a par with the home use PlayStation 3, but the PS Vita provides gamers with the ability to play on the move with powerful graphics and a comfortable bit of hardware to grasp.

The Sony PS Vita comes complete with a 5 inch touch sensitive OLED screen which is situated as you would suspect, between the operating controls. There is also great compatibility with existing PSP titles but there are fewer than 300 which are currently available for digital download. The second analogue stick can be reassigned to mimick the PSP function of control.

New Games

Handheld Gaming Power

Handheld Gaming Power

Perhaps the most exciting aspect about the Sony’s new PS Vita is the prospect of new games, this will come with time as developers will need to get a feeling for what the PS Vita is actually capable of, none the less, we can hope for some ground breaking game titles in coming months.

Initial games include Wipeout 2048 and Super Stardust Delta. These all take full advantage of the PS Vita’s cutting edge gaming technology.

The versatility and gaming power of the Sony PS Vita will stand the test of time, and the unit will easily stand up against home gaming consoles with gaming longevity, the fact it is portable and hand held simply adds to its already impressive techno-prowess.

Article by Simon Lucas

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