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What is the greatest video game cover ever created?

How many times have you been interested in playing a game thanks to the cover art catching your eye? With hundreds, if not thousands, of titles to choose from depending on which console you own, many publishers and developers will take their time creating a cover for their video game so that it grabs the […]

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to Enter Beta Today

It’s finally here! After a long wait and a lot of intriguing leaks and reveals these past few months, Activision has finally announced today that the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be available for pre-load starting today. The beta program kicks off tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and will be available to select players. Call […]

Eve Online to become free for the first time

For 13 years Eve Online fans have needed a subscription to play what is one of the most iconic online games ever. Now for the first time users will be able to join for free, with developers hoping more players will be attracted. If you haven’t heard of it think thousands of gamers in different […]

The Future of Computer Gaming

Online gaming has been around since the conception of the internet back in the late 1990s. Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web to great acclaim but little did he realise just how much of an impact his invention would have on how we spend our leisure time. Computer games were around with the […]

A free online casino software provided by COW

When it comes to new types of software that can be used to allow you to do different things with casino games, there are really not that many options that are available. It can sometimes be hard to find software that is really easy to use and that will allow you to play the games […]

Grand Theft Auto V Online

Grand Theft Auto V is an adventure filled action themed video game published by Rockstar Games. September 2013 saw the release of the video game on Playstation3 and xbox 360, this coming November we await the much anticipated release of the playstaion 4 and xbox one versions of this game. Microsoft Windows players will be […]

Cimmerian Space, experience a 3D universe using just your web browser.

Cimmerian Space thrusts you in to the hot seat as you explore a 3D universe using just your web browser. Starting off piloting a small spaceship, you’ll get the opportunity to trade, dogfight and bounty hunt your way to success. Packed full of stunning 3D models and artwork as well as featuring photographic fashion shoots […]

The Internet’s Best Website Games

If there’s one thing that has really taken gaming to the next level over the last decade or so, it’s the internet. Whether you’re talking online multiplayer games via a console or addictive website games, the internet has revolutionized gaming. When it comes to website games, there are a few legendary titles that web surfers […]

Sony PS Vita Console Review

Hand held gaming has been incredibly popular since the creation of pac-man style hand held games in the 1980s. Things have come a long way since the Tetris days of the Game Boy. The latest product to create a media storm is Sony’s PS Vita and it promises to offer up a new dimension to […]

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