Cimmerian Space, experience a 3D universe using just your web browser.



Cimmerian Space thrusts you in to the hot seat as you explore a 3D universe using just your web browser. Starting off piloting a small spaceship, you’ll get the opportunity to trade, dogfight and bounty hunt your way to success. Packed full of stunning 3D models and artwork as well as featuring photographic fashion shoots bringing the vivid characters to life, Cimmerian Space is going to be at the cutting edge of both technology and fashion.

The world of Cimmerian Space is set against the backdrop of a civil war as the desperate outer colonies fight for freedom from the Centrist government. Meanwhile the mysterious and ancient Cimmerian’s are spreading their dark influence over humanity and threatening to engulf the whole of known space. War, invasion, treachery, resistance, passion, and adventure await those who’ll risk all to explore this vivid new universe.

The game is currently under development by London based F3D Games and close to launching its Beta test.

The team are currently seeking crowd sourced funding through a Kickstarter Campaign:


Part of the unique look of Cimmerian Space is the photographic styling designed to set it apart from other typical web games. Game creator Nick Fallon is also a published fashion photographer in London. Nick’s sample images have established a contemporary and stylish design for the game and the first Kickstarter goal is to fund the next shoot for the Beta version of the game as well as additional missions.


Real time 3D space combat in your web browser! Using a WebGL game engine content is delivered fast direct to your browser.

The game engine includes a sophisticated particle effects deliver exciting explosions, and other game effects.

Fully Customizable ships, with hundreds of weapons, shields and engines for you to choose from. The game starts with 16 different hulls, each with unique armour, maneuverability and stealth factors.

Mission and Objective system – Our game will take you from planet to planet delivering a wide range of missions from military objectives to Firefly style free agent contracts. Discover the universe of Cimmerian Space via our mission based story lines.

Crew Page – choose your Captain, Engineers and Weapons officers to crew your ship. Each character provides an in game bonus, and premium characters unlock unique missions with accompanying unique loot.

Boids based AI for flocking wings of enemy fighters.

Freemium game model – either put in time or money to achieve your goals.

Social Game features to encourage player interactions. In future patches we aim to release team battle style missions for truly epic combats.

Press page and image gallery:

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