How to Sell Your MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro fro gaming

Macbook Pro for gaming

If you were to buy a laptop, where would you look? You may go to one of the large supermarkets that sell computers; you might go to one of the high street computer stores. If you were to buy online you would probably go to one of the big name sites that can offer discounted rates, or maybe even to an online auction site. You would certainly want to buy from a reputable seller and be sure that you would be getting what you’d paid for.

You may find that the prices of the laptop you are searching for (particularly if you want something like a MacBook Pro) are all pretty similar regardless of where you buy from. You may get a better price from a private seller, but then you have to wonder a) why they are selling and b) whether the item you receive is all it should be – is it damaged? Stolen? Re-furbished?

So what about selling a laptop? How would you go about that? Given that so many private buyers would do just what you would do and buy from well-known, trusted sellers, you’ll realise that you would be very lucky to sell to a private individual (through an auction site, for instance).

There are businesses and online sites that offer cash for used laptops. Search sell my macbook pro and you’ll be sure to find some sites that will offer you a decent price, plus they will arrange postage. You can usually get an instant quote based on the condition, make and model of the laptop you want to sell.

An alternative is to try your luck on the auction sites. Beware, though, that fake bids are often entered by rival sellers to try to ensure that your potential genuine customers are outbid (and that those customers then look elsewhere for their new laptop).

If you opt for an online site that will buy used laptops (after searching for ‘sell macbook Pro’, above), then read the online reviews for that company’s customer service to ensure that you feel happy with the idea of selling to them. You’ll want to be sure that you’ll receive your money quickly and without hassle. You’ll also want the reassurance of knowing that any data that might still be on your computer will be wiped by the company before they sell it on.

Article by Simon Lucas

Sony PS Vita Console Review

Sony PS Vita

Sony PS Vita

Hand held gaming has been incredibly popular since the creation of pac-man style hand held games in the 1980s. Things have come a long way since the Tetris days of the Game Boy.

The latest product to create a media storm is Sony’s PS Vita and it promises to offer up a new dimension to hand held gaming.

The portable console is on a par with the home use PlayStation 3, but the PS Vita provides gamers with the ability to play on the move with powerful graphics and a comfortable bit of hardware to grasp.

The Sony PS Vita comes complete with a 5 inch touch sensitive OLED screen which is situated as you would suspect, between the operating controls. There is also great compatibility with existing PSP titles but there are fewer than 300 which are currently available for digital download. The second analogue stick can be reassigned to mimick the PSP function of control.

New Games

Handheld Gaming Power

Handheld Gaming Power

Perhaps the most exciting aspect about the Sony’s new PS Vita is the prospect of new games, this will come with time as developers will need to get a feeling for what the PS Vita is actually capable of, none the less, we can hope for some ground breaking game titles in coming months.

Initial games include Wipeout 2048 and Super Stardust Delta. These all take full advantage of the PS Vita’s cutting edge gaming technology.

The versatility and gaming power of the Sony PS Vita will stand the test of time, and the unit will easily stand up against home gaming consoles with gaming longevity, the fact it is portable and hand held simply adds to its already impressive techno-prowess.

Article by Simon Lucas

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