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If there’s one thing that has really taken gaming to the next level over the last decade or so, it’s the internet. Whether you’re talking online multiplayer games via a console or addictive website games, the internet has revolutionized gaming. When it comes to website games, there are a few legendary titles that web surfers throughout the country all know about. Here are the best online games – excluding console platforms.

The Helicopter Game

Whether you’re eight or eighteen, you most probably know the Helicopter Game. In fact, you most probably went through a brief – but nonetheless memorable – phase during which it was the only thing you did when sat in front of a computer.

Few 2D games are as legendary as the Helicopter Game – Snake and Tetris are some of only a few that immediately come to mind. Hosted by an overabundance of different websites, the Helicopter Game can be found all over the internet – not that you don’t know that already.


Some of the best games – online or offline – are those that actively improve your creativity and intelligence. Silversphere is designed to improve intelligence levels and creativity. However, in addition to being a brain training game, it is also incredibly addictive, and therefore justifiably, immensely popular.

The idea of the game is very simple: you have to make the silver ball reach holes. However, each level’s hole comes with a ton of different obstacles, while the capabilities of what your silver ball can do are very limited, ensuring each hole is surrounded by various challenges you will have to use your brain to overcome.

Golden Palace

Of course, there are some online games that are so addictive and fun to play, because of money. Gambling and poker websites are amongst the most visited gaming websites online. In fact, they are amongst the most visited websites online in general, with millions of online gamblers taking to the internet every day and night.

Golden Palace is arguably the best online gambling website, with Golden Palace Roulette being a particular favourite for many. With tips for beginners, an easy to use layout and tons of special offers, Golden Palace is a site that’s perfect for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

Planetside 2

Sci-fi shoot ‘em ups are usually best when played on consoles, due to console controllers being more compatible to such game-plays. However, Planetside 2 is a rare exception.

A multiplayer game in which you’ll be running around fighting for territory throughout a dystopian setting, Planetside 2 is similar to Halo, and arguably just as good.

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